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Civic Center Hotel Tenants Association

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Come play dead @ "Bodies in the Rubble" or "Stop the Earthquake, we still don't have a retrofit".  Tuesday, April 18, 2006, 10:30am, in front of Moscone Center North, Howard Street between 3rd and 4th Streets.
We present our petitions for rent reductions for Reductions in Service.  Wednesday, April 19, 2006, 9am, 25 Van Ness.

Our Home
At left: Larry's Dream - The Mazzola Tower!

We, the Civic Center Hotel Tenants Association, are the residents of the Civic Center Hotel. We are seniors, families, students, the physically and mentally challenged, and members of the working poor and we are simply trying to save our homes. We are trying to save them from being demolished either by an earthquake or by the building's owner.


Presenting our petitions to the Rent Board.

The owner of our building is the U.A. Local 38 Pension Fund (an organization of Apprentice and Journeymen Plumbers). The Pension Fund is run by Larry Mazzola, son of Joe Mazzola, a political power in the City during the 60's, 70's and 80's.  The Local itself is run by Larry Mazzola, Junior, Larry Mazzola's son.  The building, at 20 12th Street in San Francisco, is a UMB, an unreinforced masonry building. In 1993 the Seismic Retrofit Ordinance was passed requiring all UMBs to be retrofitted by February 15, 2006, making them safer in an earthquake.


You would think an organization of working people would respect and support our efforts to save our home. But they don't seem to want to do the right thing. They've had 13 years to comply with the law and make our building safer in an earthquake. And they've done nothing. They won't even talk to us. Larry Mazzola, the head of the Union said, "I won't talk to any tenants."

Our Holiday 2005 Grinch Action
Don't Be A Grinch, Larry

Everyone in the Bay Area knows that there will be a devastating earthquake here. It's due between tomorrow and twenty years from now. We should all make every attempt to reduce the damage as much as possible by making all our homes as secure as possible.

This earthquake will be a disaster that will make the devastation of Hurricane Katrina seem trivial in comparison. Unless we are careful our planning for and response to that earthquake will make the flops, fumbles and gross managerial class negligence that took place before and after Katrina seem like acts of heroic genius.

Please support our efforts to save our home.

Save the Civic Center Hotel!